Haluk Sancak, born in 1970 in Siirt, started his career at family-owned business in Pervari. He worked at management roles of Hedef Gıda, Hedef Ecza and Hedef Alliance at finance, sales & marketing and procurement departments, and he worked as general manager in the different regions of Hedef Alliance. In 2006, Haluk Sancak and his siblings founded Saya Group. Between 2006-2016 Haluk Sancak hold Vice Chairman role in the group and from 2017 on he has been assigned as Chairman. In addition to Saya Group, he is chairman for Pharmactive and Volt and is board member in Folkart and Liva.  

Levent Selamoğlu, born in 1959, graduated from Eskişehir Maarif College and Boğaziçi University, The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He had a master degree from İstanbul University, graduate school of business.  He worked for Enka, The Coca-Cola Export Corp., Ericsson Telekomünikasyon A.Ş., GlaxoSmithKline İlaçları A.Ş., Mustafa Nevzat İlaçları A.Ş. respectively. From 2015 April on, he works as board member in Saya Group and Pharmactive. 

Yalçın Yaşin, graduated from 9 Eylül University, Medical Faculty in 1984 and worked as doctor in Turkey and Canada. Yalçın Yaşin has been working in pharma industry since 1993. He has taken medical, training, business excellence, marketing and sales roles at Fako İlaç, GSK, UCB and Abdi İbrahim. Additionally, he worked as country manager in Algeria, as well as at different managerial roles both in international and domestic markets. From 2016 on, he works as general manager of domestic markets at Pharmactive.

Fatih Elay, graduated from Süleyman Demirel University, Chemistry Department and working at pharma industry for 15 years. In between 2003-2011, Fatih Elay worked at different departments related to production at Abdi İbrahim and he started to work at Pharmactive in 2011.  After working as Quality Assurance Manager and Plant Manager, Fatih Elay was assigned as General Manager Responsible For Technical Operations in 2016. In addition to this role, Fatih Elay is board member of Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone.