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Working for better tomorrows, Pharmactive continues to take firm steps forward on its path with the motto "Active for Your Health"!

Giant Production Base

Pharmactive was established in 2010 with the understanding of “How Lucky is to be the Cure”.

The foundations of Pharmactive's production facility in Çerkezköy were laid on 14 February 2011, with the mission of "to develop and produce pharmaceuticals at high quality standards and to be active for human health by making pharmaceuticals accessible to everyone".

Pharmactive production base, holding the European GMP certificate given by Germany Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), one of the most respected authorities in Europe, is one of the few production facilities with this certificate in our country.

Pharmactive, which entered the Russian market in 2019 by obtaining the Russian GMP certificate from the Russian authority, received the Canadian GMP certificate in 2021 as a result of the analyzes made by the Canadian Ministry of Health. Pharmactive's production base is one of the well-known pharmaceutical production facilities not only in Türkiye but also in Europe.


Ministry of Industry And Technology Approved R&D Center

Pharmactive's R&D center "PharmAR-GE", established on an area of 3200 m² in its modern facility, which has a production capacity of 330 million boxes of drugs in solid, semi-solid and liquid lines, is one of the few pharmaceutical R&D centers approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

PharmAr-Ge, which develops generic and innovative products needed in the market on the basis of QbD, in accordance with EMEA and ICH regulations, with an innovative product development approach; serves in the fields of "Clinical Development and Patent, "Pharmaceutical Technology", "Pharmaceutical Chemistry", "Process Development and CTD (Common Technical Document) License File Preparation"with its experienced staff with doctorate and master's degrees.

Trusted Business Partner Of Global Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmactive, which offers its pharmaceuticals developed with an innovative approach in different therapeutic areas to the service of doctors, pharmacists and patients through its experienced team, is the business partner of multinational companies in Türkiye thanks to its flexible and high production capacity.

By this means, Pharmactive has also made great contributions to localization policies in pharmaceuticals.


Working For Health, Producing For The World

Taking firm steps towards becoming one of Türkiye's largest generic pharmaceutical companies, with the strength it draws from the values of "Reliability", "Being Usefull", "Value For Human, Merit", "Global Competition" determined at its establishment; Pharmactive continues to work for health and produce for the world, by producing pharmaceuticals at high quality standards and at affordable costs.


Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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