Corporate Citizenship

Believing that goodness multiplies when shared, Pharmactive bases its corporate citizenship philosophy on its belief in the healing power of art, sports and goodness.

We mean to do good by people: we are happy when they are happy, and we wholeheartedly believe in the concepts of goodness and being a good citizen. As such, we strive to add value to the future in every one of our social responsibility endeavors.

The Group has set its course based on the "Blessed are the Helpers" principle. It thrives on the "Blessed are the Healers" adage of our founder, the late Abdulrezzak Sancak. We have always supported and will continue to support our country's culture of unity and solidarity through the Sancaklar Foundation − since August 2014 − and also through the Saya Group, Group companies and Sancak Family in line with family and company values.

The Group had identified;

Which include education,

Culture and the arts,

And financial help for the needy, with a focus on broadening the relief it can offer in these areas.


Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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