Energy Policy

With its Energy Policy, Pharmactive aims to transform the consciousness of the Energy Management System into a corporate culture, and to achieve environmentally and economically sustainable Energy Management.

Pharmactive, with its Energy Policy, aims to transform the Energy Management System awareness into a corporate culture and to achieve environmentally and economically sustainable Energy Management.

Pharmactive within the framework of the "Pharmactive Energy Policy" created with this perspective;

  • Constantly informs its new personnel about the use of energy from the first day, 
  • Uses energy resources in the most efficient way without sacrificing comfort and operations by ensuring the full participation of employees,
  • Implements the energy management system by integrating it with corporate management applications, and constantly reviews and improves this system,
  • Researches, implements and maintains carbon emission reduction methods with the lowest environmental impact understanding,
  • Uses all kinds of information, technology and resources to increase energy efficiency and make it sustainable in energy consumption; follows new technological developments, prioritizes the energy efficiency criteria in the products and services to be purchased and in the selection of new designs and investments,
  • Organizes necessary training programs on energy awareness development throughout the organization; provides all kinds of information, documents and resources necessary for these activities and plays an active role,
  • Complies with national/international legislation and laws, regulations, mandatory standards and other requirements,
  • Establishes effective communication and cooperation with all its stakeholders in order to create common value and beneficial results in Energy Management related issues.

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