Enviromental Policy

While adding health to humanity with its high quality product range, Pharmactive also adds health to the sustainable future with its green energy and zero waste projects.

Pharmactive's primary goal in all its operations, particularly in its production processes, is to act responsibly to the environment and society. Pharmactive sets the principles of energy efficiency and zero waste as a starting point in order to reach this goal. Within the framework of the "Pharmactive Environmental Policy" created with this perspective;

  • In order to eliminate the negative effects of its activities on the environment at its source, environmental dimensions are defined, risks are identified, and proactive actions are implemented.
  • Pharmactive aims to ensure the continuity of the environmental management system and is committed to continuous improvement through reviews.
  • Plans projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumption resulting from its activities; thus, supports minimizing energy and water use and using natural resources in the most efficient way.
  • Fulfills the legal obligations concerning the sector and all the requirements requested by the stakeholders within the framework of national legislation.
  • Provides sufficient resources to carry out the training that employees and subcontractors should receive on environmental issues; supports efforts to raise awareness.
  • Pharmactive considers continuous improvement at the highest level, such as prevention of waste at source and/or separate collection at source, recycling, reuse, in order to reduce and/or reuse the wastes that may occur as a result of its activities.
  • It ensures that the necessary measures are taken to minimize and continuously improve the environmental dimensions that may arise from the discharge of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as a result of production activities.

Pharmactive, which shapes its environmental policies within this framework, has "Zero Waste" and "Green Energy" certificates.   


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