Human Resources Policy

The excitement of the first day… Inexhaustible curiosity… Pharmactive offers equal opportunities to all candidates and always aims for the better by adopting the principle of continuous development.


  • Candidates who will carry Pharmactive higher by adding value, suitable for the corporate culture, qualified and have improvement potential join the Pharmactive Family in line with the principle of equal opportunity.

Corporate Development And Learning

  • As in all our group companies, development and learning are supported by attaching importance to the impact of creating a learning organizational culture in order to achieve business goals at Pharmactive.

Career Management

  • Equality of opportunity is sought in the appointment and promotion processes at Pharmactive, and an internal assignment approach is adopted first with a career model that will reveal the potential of all employees.

Performance Management

  • In Pharmactive, where the Management with Goals approach is adopted, a fair and objective performance management system is implemented to provide feedback on the performance and development of employees on the basis of their business goals.

Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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