International Markets

Starting its path with the motto "Active for Your Health", Pharmactive continues to work for health and produce for the world!

Elevating its success in the national market to international markets as well, Pharmactive works for health and produces for the world with its business partners in different countries, with the strength it takes from its motto "Active for your health".

Offering regional leadership to its potential business partners with its wide product portfolio, competent licensing and market access staff, sales and marketing training support, strong financial structure and customer-oriented perspective, Pharmactive has the right to register drugs in 13 European Union countries thanks to its international collaborations.

The purpose of Pharmactive, active at the markets of France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Canada, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Iraq, Albania, Qatar, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Georgia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Malta, Romania, Yemen and Northern Cyprus, is to increase export activities at the European Union countries, to enter the North American market through Canada, to export to the Gulf Countries and the Far East, to step into the West and Central African markets through Morocco.

Pharmactive continues its sales, marketing and manufacturing co- operations with the aim to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of our country as well.

Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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