Message From The Chairman

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In our journey started in 2010, we are getting closer to our goal of becoming a “global player” with every business we have our signature and every investment we have made, we sincerely believe that being permanent in the health journey is possible by strictly adhering to the values held.

Within this understanding, we added the healing power of love to the foundations of the world-class production base of Pharmactive, which we established in 2010 and started the construction on February 14, 2011, and our values to the mortar of this foundation.  This mortar includes; honesty, entrepreneurship, innovative spirit and the desire to be useful.

“The desire to be useful”… As Pharmactive, this is the most important success criterion for us. Because we question ourselves, our contribution to the sector, economy and society through the benefit we create. That's why we wrote "How Lucky is to be the Cure” in giant letters at the entrance of Pharmactive's production base in Çerkezköy. Because this saying sums up our perspective on life and the way we approach to our work.

With the motto "active for your health", we continue to work for health, which is our greatest responsibility, in a strategic sector such as pharmaceuticals, and with the strength we derive from our passion, we carry out activities that will make everyone whose heart beats for this land to be proud of.

We are all proud of contributing to our country in the field of economy and health with our R&D facility "PharmAr&Ge" in our giant production facility with an annual production capacity of 330 million boxes, received the European GMP certificate issued by Bfarm, Germany, one of the most respected inspection authorities in Europe, which is the registration of our production in European standards, as well as the Russian GMP certificate in 2019 and Canadian GMP certificates in 2021.

Our objective is to become a strong player in global markets and to add value to Türkiye by being among the export stars of our country. I invite you all to witness our new achievements and to experience this pride together.

Best regards,

Haluk Sancak

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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