Our Values

Pharmactive contributes to nature, people and life with the strength it draws from the values determined in its establishment!


  • 'Ethical values' in our business processes are at the forefront of everything.
  • Honesty, transparency and fairness lay as our foundation.
  • Our reputation is the greatest treasure of ours. We protect it carefully.
  • We build relationships based on trust and keep our promises.
  • 'Hard work, modesty, austerity and discipline' are essential for success.

Being useful

  • We benefit society and all our stakeholders and create value in our business.
  • We meet the expectations of our stakeholders in proportion to the right needs.
  • We focus on a better future; we act responsibly towards the environment and society with the approach of “How Lucky is to be the Cure”.
  • With the principle of corporate citizenship, we produce corporate social responsibility projects, primarily in the fields of "health, culture, art and education".

Value for Human, Merit

  • Human is the most important value. Our relationship with our 'fellow travelers' is based on 'trust, love, respect'; their existence and effort are invaluable.
  • Working with competent, honest and right people is our basic principle and it is part of our job to continuously improve their professional experience.
  • In our work and human-oriented decisions; 'merit, respect for differences, justice' are determinants. We ensure that this adheres to principles, not individuals.
  • The satisfaction of our employees is very important. Thus, we act accordingly.

Global Competition

  • Our understanding of competition that respects people and nature is sustainable and global.
  • We develop our business in the most effective way within the 'cost, quality, time' trio.
  • Our business steps lead the change in the sectors we are a part of and is open to innovative ideas; we boldly support new entrepreneurial actions.
  • Universal clarity and simplicity; dominate our information flow and practices.
  • Concluding our work as quickly as possible; is the fundamental way of doing business of ours. We have 'business agility' in a flexible structure and decision processes.
  • Our quality bar is at the top of national and international standards.

Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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