Located in Pharmactive's modern facility in Çerkezköy, researches and develops to add value to life.

Located in Pharmactive's production facility in Çerkezköy, PharmAr-Ge is built on an area of 3200 m2. At PharmAR-Ge, the 9th Pharmaceutical R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, studies are carried out in the fields of Clinical Development and Patent, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Process Development and CTD (Common Technical Document) License File Preparation.

With the aim to develop university-industry cooperation in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with its expert and academic R&D staff and to develop products with innovative approaches in different therapeutic areas, PharmAR-Ge has a high-tech equipment track. PharmAR-Ge develops equivalent and innovative products for EU and regulated markets, in accordance with ICH EMEA regulations, with a QbD approach to respond to the changing and developing needs of the national and international pharmaceutical industry with its technical infrastructure.

PharmAr-Ge develops “effective, high quality, reliable and stable” products with project management practices with its experienced staff holding doctorate and master's degrees in the following subjects:

Pharmaceutical Product Development

Pharmaceutical Product Development

Clinical Development and Patent

Process Development and Improvement

CTD (Common Technical Document) License File Preparation

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