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Pharmactive not only achieves global success during the pandemic, but also supports healthcare professionals who do their duties with devotion.

As one of the young and dynamic companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmactive is increasing its effectiveness in domestic and international markets. Pharmactive, which was established in 2010 to create added value for their treatments by producing pharmaceuticals at high quality standards and to share the benefits of the treatments it offers with doctors based on evidence, and to ensure that patients regain their health, added a new one to its GMP certificates.

Pharmactive, which already has the European GMP certificate, A also received the Canadian GMP Certificate as a result of the inspections carried out within the Canadian Ministry of Health. Pharmactive, paying special attention to talented and creative human resources in order to increase its effectiveness in domestic and international markets, strengthens its sales and marketing network in every aspect. Tansu Pardün, who has taken on important roles in global and national companies in the pharmaceutical industry and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, started to work as the "Sales and Marketing Manager" at Pharmactive.

Tansu Pardün, who took office in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic showed its effect all over the world and which was difficult time, talked about the social responsibility project called "Active Support Movement" by referring to the future goals of the company and the effects of the pandemic. Canadian GMP Certificate is an important step. Noting that last year, despite the negative effects of the pandemic on the world economy, Pharmactive was one of the top 5 companies in the industry that produced 100 million boxes Pardün said, "We have left behind a year by minimizing the effects of the pandemic and closing these negativities with our export foot and chronic products. We have a product portfolio in both acute and chronic treatment areas. We have multiple generic products that are market leaders in their markets. We have licenses for over 200 products. Our efforts to develop innovative products in our R&D center called PharmAr-Ge continue.

Every year, we allocate 10% of our turnover to R&D. We will observe the results of these investments more clearly in the years ahead. We are currently negotiating with companies from abroad for innovative molecules that are not available in Turkey, and sign agreements. Receiving the Canadian GMP Certificate after the European GMP Certificate was an important step for us in terms of foreign markets."

We started the "Active Support Movement" for our healthcare professionals. Stating that all humanity is fighting the pandemic and the negative effects that come with it, Pardün said, "However, it was the healthcare professionals who were at the forefront in this war. In this challenging time, our healthcare professionals are working with great devotion to save lives by risking their owns. We experienced the great sadness of losing such precious names during this period. We remember them all with gratitude, thankfulness and mercy. We, too, wish to be their companions in this sacred struggle of our healthcare professionals in this process. In order to support our doctors and healthcare professionals in this process, we started the 'Active Support Movement' by saying 'Your Strength is Our Power'.

Pardün who explained that the first phase of the Active Support Movement was the "Active Room" continued as follows: “We decided to create a comfortable and motivational atmosphere for doctors in public hospitals. We wanted to create an atmosphere where many details are considered, from healthy wall paint to ozone device for air purification, from comfortable seating groups to technological needs. Turkey's leading brands also voluntarily supported this project of Pharmactive. 12 different companies, including us, operating in different fields such as paint, technology, parquet, architectural offices, came together for our doctors and healthcare professionals. Everyone contributed to the creation of these rooms in their own way. In the first phase, we planned these rooms for 5 hospitals. First of all, we decided to establish 'Active Rooms' in 5 public hospitals in Istanbul, where the pandemic conditions were very severe, and we took action."

"We opened the first of these rooms used by doctors and healthcare professionals on March 12, 2021, to refer to the March 14th Medical Day. Every year, April 7th is celebrated as World Health Day and between 7-14 April as 'Health Week'. We put the second 'Active Room' into the service of our doctors on April 13, 2021. We opened the other hospitals that we have included in the planning on 28 May, 18 June and 5 July. We thank to the brands that stand with us in the 'Active Support Movement' by sharing this happiness for their sensitivity and devoted work. I believe that the 'Active Support Movement', which was born as a result of the meeting of Pharmactive and 11 brands from different fields for our healthcare professionals, is an out of line project among the sector projects carried out so far. The 'Active Support Movement', which we believe will get stronger with the participation of more brands, will continue to grow to reach more healthcare professionals in the coming period."

For detailed information, you can visit "". Within the scope of the project initiated under the leadership of Pharmactive, Turkey's leading brands voluntarily supported the formation of Active Rooms. With the main sponsorship of Zoom/TPU Architecture, Fiili Boya, Tarkett Parke, Lenovo, Evistanbul, Tepta Lighting, Ted Elektrik Mühendislik, Coffee Headquarters, Migros, Dalla Corte and Promocup contributed to the realization of the Active Room. In the "Active Room", which will also be put into use in some other public hospitals, a comfortable and motivational atmosphere has been created for healthcare professionals to relieve their tiredness during the day.

Press Releases

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