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Pharmactive, one of the young companies of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, uses its energy for new investments. When the $200 million facility in Çerkezköy was established in 2010, the managers of the company stated that their goal is to be among the few manufacturers not only in Turkey, but also in the nearby regions and then globally. In the 21 years that have passed, the company has grown into a position where it supplies medicines to the region from the Balkans to Africa. Yalçın Yaşin, an experienced name in the industry, sitting in the management chair of Pharmactive, attributes the distance they have covered in a short time to the speed of youth. Explaining their goals in the pharmaceutical industry to DÜNYA, General Manager Yaşin said, “We take decisions very quickly and implement them immediately. Currently, we use only 100 million of our annual production capacity of 330 million boxes. Our target is to fill this capacity with new breakthroughs”.

Established on an area of 108 thousand square meters, Pharmactive facilities are among the top 5 in Europe in terms of capacity. Stating that the company has more than 200 licensed products, Yalçın Yasin said that they produce for world giants such as Abbott, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Reckitt Benkiser, Sandoz, Chiesi here, and emphasized the area they focus on as below: “We are present in all treatment areas except oncology and hormones.”

According to the information given by Yaşin, the company is actively working in 40 of the 200 licensed drugs. The main point that he draws attention to is Pharmactive's goal of being the first in the field of generic pharmaceuticals. Having stated, “We gave the first samples of this. We developed the first generic of a widely used drug molecule. We sell this product to 12 countries in Europe and further agreed with China” Yaşin further continued with his words with conveying that they are currently preparing to market the first generic version of two more molecules, one for cough syrup and the other for a drug for the treatment of scabies.

'We seek for new molecules'

Explaining that Pharmactive has grown in exports despite the pandemic, Yaşin stated that the target this year is $10 million.  The target is to bring the export to $50 million and the domestic market to $100 million in 5 years. Stating, “We are planning to be among the top 5 among the locals in the Turkish pharmaceutical market in 5 years,” Yaşin’s plan is to make a difference by introducing firsts to the market, whether it's a molecule or a generic.

The generic part of this task is an area where the Turkish pharmaceutical industry is good worldwide, but when it comes to new molecules, it requires a completely different infrastructure and investment. While acknowledging this fact, Yaşin explained a not very common intermediate formula while giving the details of the plan: “We have a very strong R&D center; established on an area of 3,200 square meters and employs 35 experts. We are currently in contact with two very important centers around the world. One of them is in Sweden and the other in the States. We will make cooperation agreement on new molecules, these are about to be executed.  The target is to be the angel investor of new molecules in the world. Because this is an important investment after revealing a molecule. Right now, there is a very important molecule in America, we are trying to get it. We have already received a molecule that will contribute a lot. We are developing this in Turkey.”

Pharmactive currently uses only 100 million of the 330 million boxes capacity. 70 million of this is produced for other pharmaceutical companies. Yaşin’s objective is to fill the capacity in about 5 years. Yaşin made his claim with, “We are evaluating vacant opportunities for this, both internally and externally. This includes acquiring companies. We are on the buyer side of the market”.

‘We will employ with high qualifications’

Their R&D center called PharmAr-Ge is one of the largest in this field in Europe. Explaining that they get the licenses of 4-5 products on average per year and put these products on the market, Yalçın Yaşin emphasized that they plan to increase employment in order to reach the targets they set. The employment plan primarily includes hiring highly qualified specialists for PharmAr-Ge. Yasin said, “We will also expand the teams in the business development department,” and underlined that they are constantly creating new employment opportunities in the company where 900 people are currently employed.

Building rest rooms for healthcare workers

Like many companies, "What can we do" meetings were held at Pharmactive in the early days of the pandemic. In the first phase, products such as masks, gloves and douches were distributed to 3 thousand health institutions in response to need. Stating that they developed a project to keep the employees energetic during this process, Yaşin said, “We looked inside the company and thought that we should provide psychological support to our employees in order to manage their feelings of anxiety, and we received support from two psychologists.”  Simultaneously, Pharmactive started a project focusing on the need to relieve healthcare personnel in public hospitals. Within the scope of this project, called “Active Support Movement”, they started to set up rest rooms in public hospitals. Yaşin said, “In the rooms whose air is cleaned with ozone devices, we have created a comfortable environment where many details from computers to televisions are considered. We are currently establishing four more public hospitals from these rooms used by physicians and healthcare personnel. Our aim was to have new companies join us to increase this number. We made a call for this purpose and reached 12 companies

Press Releases

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