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Chiesi Turkey and Pharmactive decided to cooperate in product purchase and contract manufacturing and signed two important agreements.

Chiesi Turkey, an Italian-based international pharmaceutical company operating in Turkey for more than 10 years, is expanding its product portfolio in the basic treatments group. At the same time, the company decided to produce locally for the important products in the basic and special treatments portfolio. In the first phase of this cooperation,, the production of a nasal steroid spray will be contracted. The production of other products in the portfolio in Turkey is among the company's near future plans.

As part of its strategy to increase its local investments in Turkey, Italian pharmaceutical company Chiesi signed an agreement with Pharmactive. The agreement includes both working with the joint marketing strategy and producing some of Chiesi's products in Pharmactive's production facilities over a 5-year period.

Filiz Balçay, Chiesi Turkey General Manager, Haluk Sancak, Chairman of the Pharmactive Board of Directors and the business development and marketing management teams of the two companies attended the signing ceremony held at the Chiesi Turkey Headquarters.


Filiz Balçay, Chiesi Turkey General Manager, evaluated this cooperation agreement, which they signed within the scope of product purchase and contract manufacturing, in terms of their contributions to both companies, society and country: “Chiesi, which has been helping patients maintain their lives in a healthy way for more than 80 years in the world and more than 10 years in Turkey; offers its strong products in the fields of respiratory & allergy diseases, newborn intensive care and rare diseases to the service of Turkish medicine with its global experience. The agreement we signed with Pharmactive, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, aims to enrich our portfolio in Turkey and to produce local products.

This cooperation, which we think is of critical importance for the realization of growth plans in Turkey, of Chiesi, which allocates more than 20% of its global turnover to R&D activities, is an important step that will strengthen our company's presence in Turkey and ensure that its product portfolio expands and grows.”

Stating that they closely follow the steps taken by Chiesi, one of Italy's giant brands, towards the markets in Turkey and the countries in the region, Haluk Sancak, Chairman of the Pharmactive Board of Directors, said, “Our production facility is one of the few pharmaceutical production facilities not only in Turkey but also in Western Europe with its high capacity and technology. We are glad to add a new one to our strategic production cooperations. With this cooperation, we will have the chance to reach more patients with stronger teams. We are honored that a product developed in our PharmAr-Ge is marketed by an international company. We see our agreement with Chiesi as a strategic cooperation rather than a joint marketing agreement. We would like to contribute to Chiesi's local growth targets. This collaboration, which started with co-marketing, will grow further as some of Chiesi's products are produced locally in Pharmactive's facilities. Cooperation with one of the world's leading companies like Chiesi makes us proud. I believe that this cooperation will provide benefits not only economically but also in terms of public health.”


Headquartered in Parma, Italy, Chiesi is a research-oriented international healthcare group that has been serving the pharmaceutical industry for over 80 years. Chiesi researches, develops and markets innovative medicines in the field of respiratory therapies, hospital products and rare diseases. Chiesi's R&D centers are located in Parma (Italy), Paris (France), Cary (USA) and Chippenham (UK) and the R&D team of acquired Danish company Zymenex also combined their efforts with Chiesi to develop preclinical, clinical and regulatory programs. Nearly 5000 people work in Chiesi, 560 working only in R&D activities.

Press Releases

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