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Pharmactive was established to offer health to the whole world by producing pharmaceuticals with high quality standards. As we have stated in our motto "How Lucky is to be the Cure", we have carried out all of our work so far by targeting human health.

With this understanding, we attach great importance to R&D, export and innovative approaches. As Pharmactive, we question ourselves with the benefit we provide. We have chosen this as the most important criterion for success. Because we acknowledge this as a debt to our country and society.

Our targets were clear when our production facility in Çerkezköy, one of the few pharmaceutical production facilities not only in Turkey but also in Europe, was established on an area of 108.000 m² in 2011 with an investment of $200 million. In addition to the European GMP certificate issued by BfArM, Germany, one of the most respected authorities in Europe, we received the Canadian GMP certificate as a result of the examinations made by the Russian GMP in 2019 and the Canadian Ministry of Health in 2021. We export to many countries in different continents, especially in Europe and Asia and the number of countries and products we export is increasing every year.



In line with the work we continue with our own resources, we are aware that the future will be shaped by knowledge. We continue our R&D activities with the awareness that the precious power of the future will be knowledge.

 In our modern facility where we produce in solid, semi-solid and liquid lines, our R&D center "PharmAr-Ge", established on an area of 3200 m2, is the 9th Pharmaceutical R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. In PharmAr-Ge, where we develop innovative products, we work in the fields of "Clinical Development and Patent", "Pharmaceutical Technology", "Pharmaceutical Chemistry", "Process Development" and "CTD (Common Technical Document) License File Preparation".

In PharmAr-Ge, where we can develop products in many different dosage forms for European and regulated markets, we developed 156 dosage forms with 101 molecules in the first 5 years and made license applications in Turkey and Europe. 


Our efforts to develop innovative products in our R&D center continue. Every year, we allocate a significant share of our turnover to R&D. We will observe the benefits of these investments more clearly in the years ahead. We are currently negotiating with companies from abroad for innovative molecules that are not available in Turkey, and sign agreements.

With our experienced expert and academic R&D staff who hold doctorate and master's degrees, we continue to develop university-industry cooperation in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and products with innovative approaches in different therapeutic areas.  We increased the number of employees at PharmAr-Ge from 31 in 2020 to 43 in 2021; this number is increasing with the number of our projects. Since its establishment, 232 projects have been carried out in PharmAr-Ge until 2020.  In addition, in order to respond to the changing and developing needs of the national and international pharmaceutical industry with the technical infrastructure of PharmR&D, we continue to develop our generic and innovative products for the European Union and regulated markets, in accordance with the ICH EMEA regulations, with the understanding of QbD. As of 2020, Pharmactive has nearly 200 products and more than 100 molecules licensed only in Turkey and this number is increasing every year.

Press Releases

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Pharmactive was established to offer health to the whole world by producing pharmaceuticals with high quality standards.

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