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“We Work for Health, Produce for the World”

Pharmactive, chosen as the strategic production partner of the leading companies of the world pharmaceutical industry with its European GMP certified production facility, develops innovative products with PharmAr-Ge in its body.

Fatih Elay, General Manager of Pharmactive Technical Operations, shared information on production and R&D studies.

Pharmactive, to give hope to patients both in Turkey and around the world by producing pharmaceuticals at high quality standards, is shown as one of the young, dynamic and future companies of the sector. Having spent 10 years in the industry, Pharmactive is taking firm steps forward as one of the leading players in the industry.

Pharmactive, in the league of giants by producing 100 million boxes of drugs in Turkey, continues its progress despite the negativities caused by the pandemic in the business world.

Pharmactive has liquid, semi-solid and solid production lines in its European GMP certified factory built on an area of 108 thousand square meters in Çerkezköy. Pharmactive, which has received the prestigious European GMP certificate given by BfArM, the German Ministry of Health Authority, one of the most respected authorities in Europe in its first year of operation, increases its exports to many European countries every year.

Pharmactive has passed all the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Commerce and has been entitled to benefit from Turquality supports, which are offered only to Turkey's important brands.

We are one of the few facilities in Europe

Fatih Elay, General Manager of Pharmactive Technical Operations, noted that Pharmactive, established in 2010 and laid the foundations of its factory in 2011, is one of the few facilities in Europe with a production capacity of 330 million boxes. Stating that approximately 900 people work within Pharmactive, Elay said, “Thanks to Turkey's pharmaceutical production culture and motivation that has been established so far, we believe that every drug can be produced in our country and we shape our production in this direction. We have a strong team working with dedication for the sustainable health of Turkey. The biggest force behind Pharmactive's success is its staff of experienced and competent professionals”.

As of 2020, we have nearly 200 licensed products

Pointing out that they have one of the few R&D centers in Turkey approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, with their 3200 m2 "PharmAR-GE" in their modern facilities, Elay said “PharmAr-Ge, which develops equivalent and innovative products needed in the market with an innovative product development approach on a QbD basis in accordance with EMEA and ICH regulations, provides services in the fields of new product formulation development, patent scanning and project management. PharmAr-Ge, which can develop products in all dosage forms for Europe and regulated markets, developed 156 dosage forms with 101 molecules and filed for license applications in Turkey and Europe in the first 5 years. As of 2020, Pharmactive has nearly 200 products and more than 100 molecules licensed only in Turkey and this number is increasing every year”.

We are the production partner of global pharmaceutical companies

Pointing out that half of the production at Pharmactive, one of the top 5 facilities in Turkey, is made for multinational companies, Elay said, “We are the production partner chosen by the leading companies of the world pharmaceutical industry for Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus. With our wide product range, we are growing in both domestic and international markets. Thanks to its flexible production capability and high production capacity, Pharmactive has become the production partner of global pharmaceutical companies in Turkey”. Elay concluded his words as follows: “As well as Middle East, Balkans and Asian countries, we are developing export processes with European countries  Thanks to its international cooperation, Pharmactive has the right to license drugs in 12 EU countries. Pharmactive contributes to human health by exporting medicines to many countries, especially to European countries. Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq, Albania, Qatar, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Yemen and Northern Cyprus are some of the countries to which pharmaceuticals are exported.”

Press Releases

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We Work for Health, Produce for the World

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