Production and Strategic Co-Operations

Pharmactive is the production base of global companies in Türkiye with its high service standards, solution-oriented approach and state-of-the-art automated equipments.

Pharmactive, which has executed local, regional and global collaborations with multinational companies in need of production, is the solution partner of international companies in Türkiye.

Pharmactive, which provides timely, accurate and high quality product service to the companies it cooperates with its flexible and high production capacity, can also provide marketing and sales services when needed.

Pharmactive, which effectively carries its dynamic power in the domestic market to foreign markets, together with its experienced and competent R&D, Regulatory and Business Development teams, establishes strategic business partnerships that spread all over the world by adhering to the win-win principle in mutual trust and ethical understanding.

Aiming to be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in both national and international markets, Pharmactive offers innovative products developed in cooperation with national and international companies and reliable equivalent products to the service of doctors, pharmacists and patients at PharmR&D in its production facility designed in accordance with cGMP.

Pharmactive, in this context;


Makes licensing agreements for reference or generic products.

Analyzes the Global Pharmaceutical Market trend and updates its portfolio according to market trends.

Provides contract manufacturing projects services to domestic and international companies for national and international markets.

Prepares and executes joint product development projects for international markets.

Makes production service agreements for international markets.

Makes Co-Marketing project agreements.

For information and cooperation suggestions, you can contact Pharmactive officials at and

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