Quality Policy

The basis of Pharmactive's quality policy is the satisfaction of the parties and the sense of responsibility towards the world.

Pharmactive has adopted the principle of reliability, scientificness and accuracy. We have built up our quality policy in accordance with the expectations of all the employees and customers of the company and in accordance with the purpose of our establishment, with the responsibility to collect and to the world.

  • To build up the Quality Management System in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices ( cGMP) requirements,
  • To support employees with leadership approach on competence, training and change,
  • To ensure the development and implementation of the strategic approach in all contexts that concern the organization,
  • To produce safe, effective and quality products,
  • To carry out production activities by using natural resources and energy resources efficiently with an approach that has an awareness of sustainability and environmental protection,
  • To ensure appropriate working conditions by meeting Employee Health and Safety Standards,
  • To adopt continuous development as a way of life; in order to continuously improve the quality management system, to manage processes effectively and efficiently and to support with innovative policies,
  • Based on party expectations and satisfaction, the quality level is constantly audited with the participation of all employees.

Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy

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