Aware of its responsibilities, Pharmactive adopts sustainable environmental policies to leave a habitable world to future generations.

For Pharmactive, “sustainability” is shaped within the framework of the understanding of using existing resources in the most efficient way for the society, natural environment and economy. Pharmactive, one of the locomotive companies of the sector, as sustainability strategies;

  • Supports the methods that will realize the efforts to increase the level of economic growth and welfare by protecting and increasing the environment and people's quality of life,
  • Adopts sustainability awareness as a company culture,
  • Enables employees to actively participate in the process,
  • Shares and disseminates sustainability awareness with stakeholders from the industry,
  • Improves the processes in parallel with these indicators and ensures its continuous development by determining the sustainability indicators.

Within the scope of sustainability, Pharmactive, which works to improve the world for future generations on a global scale, with a sense of social responsibility strives to;

  • Ensure the widespread use of recycling practices,
  • Use resources effectively without harming the nature with energy efficiency studies,
  • Protect nature in order to reduce the negative impact of greenhouse gases.

Pharmactive, which has one of the few production facilities not only in Turkey but also in Europe, has the "Zero Waste Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and in addition to this certificate, it has the "Green Energy" certificate as it uses all of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources.
In order to leave a greener and more sustainable world to future generations, Pharmactive has been planting saplings in Tekirdağ, Silivri, Sivas and Kırklareli provinces since 2018, increasing the number of trees it brings to nature every year.
In order to leave a sustainable environment and a livable world to future generations, our goals are:

  • To adapt the ISO 50001 Energy Management System to our factory and complete the certification process by the end of 2021,
  • To set targets to reduce the carbon footprint by 2022, and raise awareness in order to reduce carbon emissions at the source in order to achieve this goal,
  • To develop and improve projects for renewable heat sources in addition to renewable electricity sources until the end of 2023,
  • To have a Platinum Level Zero Waste certificate by the end of 2024; to organize training and development programs in order to increase the awareness of environmental protection together with all our employees and stakeholders and make them sustainable,
  • To minimize paper consumption as well as contribute to efficiency by rapidly realizing digitalization projects.


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